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Whether you're looking to install a simple security camera system at your home, or you're investing in an integrated video surveillance and access control solution for your business, you need to find reliable technology and a security service provider in Richmond, TX that you can trust. Grayson Pro-Tech is committed to your satisfaction, period. In fact, much of our business comes from our customer referrals. But don't take our word for it... see what our customers say below.

Grayson Pro-Tech Reviews

- 01-05-2019

Carrie Bolin

Richard and his whole crew are amazing. They are very professional, prompt, and knowledgeable. We had a very challenging building to alarm, and they worked to figure out the best plan for my system. The installation was very quick and the technician did a great job explaining the system's use to me. I love being able to manage my alarm system from my phone! I would highly recommend this company to anyone. They will take great care of you!

- 01-04-2019

Kyle and Meredith Roberts

Grayson Pro-Tech has protected my business for over 4 years. Excellent service after the sale to make sure everything continues to operate as intended. I was always able to get them out within a day (sometimes same day) when I wanted to make a change or add service. Great team and wonderful people.

- 01-04-2019

Bob Rhoden

We have been Grayson Pro-Tech customers for years. I've worked with them in my place of work, and they installed and monitor our home system. They are professional, affordable, and able to provide solutions for your security needs. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

- 01-04-2019

Jackie Deen

After experiencing a break in several years ago, we had Grayson Pro Tech come and install a security system in our home. We have never received anything but wonderful customer service from anyone we've met from their office. They do a great job, and definitely made us feel safe in our own home again.

- 01-04-2019

Justin Barrett

Richard and his staff at Grayson Pro-Tech know how to get the job done! When my dad and I opened our gun store, we had no idea who to use for our security alarm system. We had contacted companies like Four Feathers Alarms and we just didn’t get a very good feeling. A good friend of ours recommended Grayson Pro-Tech and after speaking with Richard we were very confident we had made the right choice for our business! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for security alarm systems! He his team have not only the capabilities of providing systems for small businesses, but also much larger commercial buildings and projects!

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